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Screenshot of chapter 3 of Treasure Island typeset in Apple Pages.

Typesetting a Book Using Apple Pages

Even though these default word processors seem fairly basic, I’ve found that, at least with Apple Pages, I have everything I need to typeset a book. This means beautifully typeset books can be made by most anyone, not just those who can fork over money for professional word processors!

AI generated image of a macro shot of a katydid wing.

Creating Your Own Paper Sample Collection

I love printing books at home, but quickly realized that I needed a way to consistently test and compare print results. I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs, so I made my own.

Folio, quarto and octavo printed sections.

Printing Book Signatures on Epson ET-8550

Digital tools and how-to to print folio, quarto and octavo signatures on an ET-8550.

Book spread with an army document and an image of a teletypewriter on the left and text on the right.

Help Your Audience Connect with Your Family History Project

You’ve spent countless hours creating your family history project - don’t let it go to waste! Learn how to help your audience quickly connect with the content by creating context.

Cloth diaper inserts hanging from a clothesline on a sunny day.

Experimenting with Cloth Diapering for My 72-Hour Kit

I wanted to know if cloth diapers are a good alternative to regular diapers in a 72-hour kit. It turns out…

\"The Amazing Animal Alphabet Adventure\" book with a little boy's hand grabbing it off the table.

Using AI to Generate a Children's Book

I’m no children’s author, so I used AI (ChatGPT and StableDiffusion) to help me write and illustrate an animal themed children’s book.

Introduction to Creating Custom Family History Books At Home

Over the years I’ve learned how to curate, organize, provide context, frame and share my family history in my “mini museums,” books.

Preparing Handwritten Poems for Book Binding

Follow me as I prepare my great-grandfathers 80-year-old poems for binding. In this article I go through my process for taking inventory, organizing, digitizing and transcribing.

AI generated image of drone shot over a green forest with a blue river.

Why Be Eco Friendly

When I decided to be “eco-friendly” I really wanted to make it something I could keep doing even with a busy schedule. This covers how I’ve decided to make this possible.

A toddler's hand scooping up rice in a wood sensory bin.

Build Your Own Sensory Bins

Create farm, safari, forest and dinosaur themed sensory bins for your little one! Includes a shopping list with prices and links, directions and images.

AI generated stock photo of pastel colored blocks on a wood floor.

Kids Learning Activities by Age

I’ve spent a lot of time researching activities to do with my little ones. These are the ones that I think are worthwhile.

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