Eco-Friendly Hand Soap

May 27, 2023 ·Updated January 17, 2024

Buying eco-friendly hand soap was one of the first eco-conscious purchases I made. I was tired throwing away the massive plastic bottles of Softsoap refills and wanted to find a hand soap that had eco-friendly packaging and took up less storage space. Thus started my eco-friendly journey.

After many hours of research, Blueland was the company I settled on for trying out eco-friendly hand soap alternatives. I started by just ordering a refill pack since, I wasn’t convinced the little foaming tabs would actually make soap and I already had foaming hand soap dispensers.

I filled up my existing foaming hand soap dispensers with 9 ounces of water and dropped in the tablet. After one package of refills I decided it was worth it for me to jump all in and get their pumps too, and I haven’t looked back.

Blueland foaming hand soap review and tips

The soap works like soap should - it foams up well coming out of the dispenser (both with Blueland’s and my own dispensers) and cleans my hands.

The tablets take a little while to dissolve. I typically refill the soap at night when I know I’m not going to be using it for at least an hour or two. Once they do dissolve, though, they work just like regular foaming soap.

I love pretty much all of Blueland’s fragrances, which is a big deal since I’m very particular about smells. I just had a whole bunch of family in town and everyone was asking about where they could get the soap because it smelled so good!

I’d suggest just ordering their refills to start off. This gives you the chance to test out the soap to make sure you like it. Just fill up a foaming hand soap dispenser with 9oz of (hot) water and drop in a tablet.

Blueland foaming hand soap pumps review and tips

I decided to buy their pumps since I was looking for replacements anyway. The bottles are glass and come with a printed fill line on the back so you know exactly where to fill the water to. The pump part is plastic, but they have a take-back program where you can mail the pump back to them (I believe at your own expense) and they’ll recycle it for you.

I’ve had two pumps break, I think due to extremely hard water in my area, but Blueland readily sent me replacements and a prepaid label to send back the broken ones.

I need about two pumps of soap and must pull the pump up to get the second one in a reasonable amount of time, but I’ve had this same issue with other foaming soap dispensers.

Blueland shipping and packaging review

Shipping takes about a week and a half, and everything is packaged well.

The packaging is cardboard and brown packing paper, all recyclable.

The tablets come in aluminum lined paper packets, which Blueland claims is compostable. They aren’t BPI Certified compostable so I can’t compost them through my local composting facility, which is a bummer. For now they end up in the trash, but the amount of trash produced is exceedingly smaller than my original hand soap and they claim it beaks down safely and completely.

Other Eco-Friendly Hand Soap Reviews

I haven’t tried any others as of yet. Blueland has worked well and I don’t want to switch pumps (especially after replacing my old ones).

Eco-Friendly Hand Soaps I Haven’t Tried (and Why)

Tirtyl When I was first doing research Tirtyl didn’t ship to the US except through Amazon. I prefer to buy direct or through smaller retailers if possible, since the company will get a higher cut (and hopefully keep doing what they’re doing). I didn’t end up trying them out since I couldn’t order direct.

Price-Per-Month Calculation for Switching to Blueland Eco-Friendly Hand Soap

I bought a 30 pack of refillable hand soap tablets for $67.50. I didn’t order more until about 3 months later. With shipping times, I figure it took about 3 months to use up all 30 refills. So, the approximate monthly cost for Blueland is $67.50 / 3 = $22.50.

Before switching, I bought the large 64-ounce liquid softsoap refill bottles from Walmart for $19.99. I don’t remember exactly how much soap we would go through, so I approximated based on the amount of refills we went through with Blueland, about 10 refills a month. One 64-ounce refill bottle will fill up a 7.5-ounce pump bottle 8.5 times. So, the approximate monthly cost for Softsoap is $19.99 * 10 / 8.5 = $23.52.