Build Your Own Sensory Bins

May 27, 2023 ·Updated January 17, 2024

I spent a lot of time looking for a way to entertain my 18 month old and I came across premade sensory bins on Etsy. Each bin was themed and came with some sort of base (e.g. dry rice or beans), toy animals, scenic elements (e.g. blue glass beads for water, little trees, rocks, etc.). I thought these were a fantastic way to entertain my little one.

Sensory bins have small parts and are intended for children ages 3+. I NEVER leave my little one unattended and ALWAYS keep a close eye on him while playing with his sensory bins.

I was going to purchase some of the premade ones, but as I continued researching I realized that for the price of a single premade one (and all the tools), I could make 5 or 6 of my own. So, that’s what I did. Here I describe everything that I purchased and how I created my sensory bins for my little one.

Each set fits inside of a quart-sized plastic bag (I’m still working on a no-plastic replacement).

Shopping List

Hobby Lobby $44.42

Walmart $6.46

Safari Sensory Bin

Farm Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Forest Sensory Bin

Other Stuff

Tools for all the bins $26.96

Hobby Lobby